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4 Tips to follow when buying Women’s Boots

The season is changing and this means a radical change is coming, in our wardrobe and foot wear. Since the temperature is rising, many women have changed the warm boots for some spring footwear like stilettos. There are a lot of professional boots out there and even if spring is here there is no need to throw them away.
If you want to remain trendy, read on and this article will tell you a bit about how you can achieve that.
The Material
Choosing a warm material is one of the first things to look for. You must see if the material is well made, well cut and then put together. You have to make sure the material will resist the bad weather. An additional material used in boots this year was fur, but you can always purchase fake fur that looks really good, so you can avoid spending a lot of money on it. If you do want fur, one choice would be to go with rabbit fur because it is more fashionable, softer and warmer.
Leather: The ONLY Material For Boots
If you talk to enough men and women who have been in the blue collar workforce, they will tell you that leather boots are the only way to go. New materialshave come and gone but leather continues to stand the test of time and remains a popular choice for protective footwear and protective clothing. Synthetic materials have certainly done much to bridge the gap in the work boot market, but it still fails to offer the complete package of style, durability and protection that is an inherent part of leather boots.
First of all we should tackle the biggest issue of all when it comes to 
work boots and that is protection. Protection is the number one reason that work bootsare worn and it is the reason that they are mandatory for workers an all commercial building sites. It may seem strange, but according to Amazon Shoes the best way to judge how leather and synthetic work boots compare for protection, is to look at what motorcycle riders are wearing. If you look at professional motorcycle racers, they still wear leather racing suits. This is because leather still outperforms synthetic materials for protective clothing and apparel based upon protection.

The negative side of leather versus synthetic lies in comfort. Leather boots do have a tendency to stretch and therefore they do need to be broken in to some extent. This criticism however, has been given far too much attention from a generation of people who are just not used to wearing sturdy footwear says http://www.workbootworld.com . Not all boots are supposed to feel like your favorite basketball hi-tops! Protection and support do sometimes come at a cost to weight and comfort. Incidentally, this is the same issue that much of themilitary forces around developed nations are facing. Getting young soldiers to adapt to wearing leather boots, when they may have spent the past seventeen or eighteen years wearing Nike are trainers and basketball shoes.Basically, don't make the mistake of thinking that any work boot is as good as another, or you may just be risking your toes! Leather does still offer the best protection against accidents with hot or heavy objects. Author: Steve Joseph

The Color

Technology has allowed us to use as many colors as we want in the boots. This is why some of the most popular colors are brown, tan, black and white. But you can also go for more bold choices like pink, purple and blue. Then it all comes down to the accessories and the rest of the outfit.

Amazon boots color choice guide

The desire for beauty is inherent in us you buy Amazon Boots all.When you must consider many. What are the colors of celebrities wearing this year?What is the color and style is the hottest selling?What color is the best for durability?Let's see. If you buy one, you can buy Chestnut. Chestnut not only the most durable of Womens Bootsit is by far the most sought after, bought and popular with celebrities. Although traditionally cute, light colored Amazon Shoes do occasionally spot. Dark colors, brown is the most resilient when it 'sserves to hide the imperfections. In the early years of Sand was extremely popular, but millions have since changed chestnut who believes that "new "look over. Liv Tyler, Miley Cyrus and Kate Hudson have all appeared in Chestnut Tall Boots US in months!Itis an excellent indicator of what will stay warm this coming winter. Black Amazon Shoes  A distant but still less popular third black are a sensible choice. A functional and smart buy if your looking for something that does not look like a bunch Cheap Amazon Boots, but do not want to compromise on comfort. 

Amazon Chocolate

Last season, Amazon chocolate were by far the most popular color. The rich chocolate leather sheepskin Shoes colors compliment really well, giving a very natural earth. For this reason chocolate brown Amazon classic tall Boots have become popular once again, I think thatthey are very popular for some time to come.

The Length

At this moment the most popular ones are the ankle-length boots and also the knee-length versions. It is safe to say that these sizes will never go out of style. Also, the ankle-length boots are quite more comfortable to wear together with pants.

Determining Your Shoe Size: Fitting and Shoe Size Conversion

Measuring Your Feet and Using Charts to Determine Your Shoe Size

Do you know how to measure shoe size?  Making sure that you are wearing the right size shoe 

is a basic for daily comfort. Shoes that are too small are one of the major causes of foot pain 

and problems. 

Shoes that are too large can cause blistering and a lack of stability. Also, just because you knew your shoe size a few years ago doesn't mean it is the same--feet, 

like people, change over time; for example, even if your feet were narrow in your twenties 

you may find yourself needing wide fitting shoes as you age. Everyone should 

take the time to get a proper shoe fitting every year or two to ensure good foot health. 

Of course, once you have the perfect shoes you'll want the perfect handbag to go with them. 

To find great handbags at low prices, I recommend that you check out Wholesale Designer Handbags. 

Measuring tips:

- The best time to measure your feet with the following method is at the end of the day,when your  feet    are at their most swollen.

- Wear the same style of socks that you plan to wear with your shoes.

- Measure both feet and choose the shoe size that fits the bigger foot.

- If you are alone, it is best to take the measurements while sitting. If someone else is

  helping you, then standing on your feet is best.

- For a more accurate measurement, use centimeters instead of inches. If need be,

  you can convert inches to centimeters by multiplying by 2.54.

- There are wide variations among shoe measurement systems and the fit may be 

  quite different depending upon the brand and type of shoe you buy.  Shoe size 

  conversions should be done using the charts provided by your chosen brand to 

  ensure the most accurate fit, but the charts below will give you a good general guideline.

How to Measure Your Feet:

- Sitting or standing (see tip above), place one foot on a piece of paper. This may seem obvious,

  but make sure the sheet is bigger than your foot. You may want to tape the paper down to keep

  it from moving.

- Holding a pencil as straight as possible, trace around your entire foot.  Try to be as accurate as

  possible so you get accurate measurements - this will help with finding the proper shoe sizing.

- Using a ruler, measure your foot width and length.

- Length: Measure the distance between the two longest points on your foot tracing. Now, 

  reduce this measurement by 5 mm or 1/5 of an inch. This accounts for the slight space

  between your foot and the pencil. - Width: Measure the distance between the two widest points on   your tracing, & also reduce

  this measurement by 5 mm or 1/5 of an inch. This number will help determine your foot width.

- It's crucial to use a reliable shoe size guide.  Using your measurements from step 3, refer to 

the following shoe size conversion charts to determine your shoe size. The foot size charts below 

convert inches to the most common shoe sizes. Remember that sizes can vary significantly

among different shoe types and brands, and that you may need to use a particular brand's 

shoe size converter for the best fit.

Shoe Size Conversion Tables:

Women's Shoe Size Chart and Shoe Size Width Chart.

Men's Shoe Sizing Chart and Shoe Size Width Chart

Ways to Use them
Over the jeans is one way to wear your boots. The advantage is that your
leg will feel comfortable and quite warm. In harsh weather you will be able
to go without problems outside. Also, you can wear the longer boots with
a nice dress or skirt. If you want to put the 2 pieces together make sure to
mix the warm fashion for winter with something from the summer and the
effect will be really nice. Also another trend is to wear boots with really
short pants.
Many celebrities have done this already and fashion magazines have
approved the trend, giving it a thumbs up as far as this style is concerned.
Mixing weird accessories as unusual as Lady Gaga style is also a fast
growing trend among the cosmopolitan people.

9 Ways To Use Shoe Organizers In Small Spaces
Hanging shoe organizers are abundant in every corner of the world. They're the perfect small space solution, but we think they can be put to use for more than just shoes, or even on the back of your door. We've listed 9 of our favorite ways, see if you have one to add to the list!
1. Sort Mail & Bills: Using the individual pockets as a place to stash away mail, bills, letters or even stationary and office supplies is a great way to keep things organized while still in reach and out of pesky boxes and other traditional office storage.

2. Under Your Bed: Some closets are so small you're lucky if you can get 1 shoe inside, let alone 20 pairs. Try attaching a shoe organizer flat to a piece of board that's been outfitted with wheels. Slide your shoes in like normal and then simply roll out the bag whenever you need to add or subtract to the system. Out of sight and not taking up any closet space!

3. Bathroom Accessories: Even the most low maintenance person still have a few bathroom products to keep track of. Sprays, waxes, lotions and potions are all great in these slender pockets. They can also be a great place to keep rubber bands, bobby pins or even large pins or broaches if you have them.

4. Outdoor Planter: Try poking a few holes in the bottom of each compartment and packing them full of dirt and small plants of your choice. It's a great way to create a living wall without paying the $100+ price tag of living wall systems.

5. Stuffed Animals & Pet Supplies: This one obviously applies more to the parents of the group who are looking for a way to stash kids things, but this can also work for dog toys, clothing, leases or other pet accessories like brushes and collars.

6. The Anti-Dresser: We've lived without a chest-of-drawers for many years now and the one thing we've learned is that doing without, is a-ok. Fold or roll your underpants, bras, socks and other assorted under garments into each pocket. They're not only easy to get to, but easy to put away as well!

7. Utensil Holder: If you aren't looking for the commitment that pegboard brings or aren't into the investment money wise (even if it's small) and cabinet space is non existent, try using one to keep track of things like can openers, sifters, juicers, spatulas and more. You could even run a seam down each pocket to make double room while giving more support.

8. Portable Garage: Digging through drawer after drawer in a tool box to find the right one for the job is always frustrating. Keeping them out and on display without any commitment to other expensive organizational solutions is a great way to go. The pockets are perfect for holding screws, gloves, wrenches, sockets and more!

9. Under Sofa Craft Station: If your sofa has a low profile, try the same idea as above and attaching a shoe organizer to a flat board and making it so it rolls underneath your furniture. Keeping small bits of ribbon, thread, sewing supplies, rolls of felt and paints in this manner is a great way to have them on hand without finding alternative storage solutions elsewhere.
Do you have an idea that isn't listed above? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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